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Mentor Requirements:  Be an alumnus of SIUC College of Engineering

Above all, mentoring is about listening without judgment and questioning with respect.  Though a mentor may be a role model, at true mentor does not ask another person to “be like me.” A mentor says, “I will help you be whoever you wish to be.”

Mentor Expectations

  1. Listen to the needs and expectations of your mentee.
  2. Work with the student to help him/her develop and establish realistic and obtainable goals.
  3. Offer suggestions and feedback.
  4. Keep the mentee aware of his/her progress.
  5. Be committed to serve as a resource to the mentee. 
  6. Encourage your mentee to explore new areas.
  7. Follow up commitments made to the mentee.
  8. Contact the mentee if you are unable to attend scheduled meetings.
  9. Contact program staff if there is a concern with the mentor/mentee relationship.

Benefits of being a mentor

  1. Sharing your knowledge and skills
  2. Contributing to someone’s skills and success
  3. An opportunity to exchange ideas with young adults

Time commitment

  1. Minimum of one contact per month during the school year.
  2. Provide follow-up of the student and the mentoring program by completing a program evaluation at the end of the Professional Mentoring Program.

The SIUC College of Engineering Professional Mentoring Program consists of three primary phases as shown here