Student Info Professional Mentoring Program | College of Engineering | SIU

Southern Illinois University





Student requirements

  1. Must be a current student in Junior or Senior status
  2. Current student in good standing with the university

Student Expectations

  1. Students are expected to be professional and proactive.
  2. Students are expected to keep an open line of communication with mentor.
  3. Students are expected to respect the mentors time.
  4. Students are expected to enter the mentor/mentee relationship with the expectation of advice, goal setting recommendations, networking opportunities, possible resume assistance, and not an expectation of employment. 
  5. Students are expected to update SIUC College of Engineering Professional mentoring program staff with successes and failure in the mentor/mentee relationship.
  6. Students are expected to attend all Mentoring program events.
  7. Students are expected to commit and initiate at least one contact per month with mentor and student orientation.
  8. Students are expected to evaluate their needs and communicate with their mentor about their expectations as a mentee.  Share your plans with your mentor and ASK for advice.  Do not assume that the mentor will offer unsolicited advice. Be specific as possible when asking for advice.
  9. Students are expected to respect confidentiality in respect to topics discussed with mentors. 

Time commitment

  1. One hour student orientation
  2. Minimum of one contact per month during the school year.