Fall 2016 Vector Newsletter

Southern Illinois University



College of Engineering

Dean’s Corner Dean

This year all colleges at SIUC have been challenged by a 10% reduction in our budgets along with the continued uncertainty of future funding levels.  I am nonetheless very proud of how our college has addressed these difficult challenges.  In short, we have confronted these problems in typical engineering fashion, using data and modeling to understand the potential impacts of reduced funding while applying the resulting understanding in a strategic manner.

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Biology may be key to coal-gas conversionLiang

There’s no denying the power of coal. The ancient, hydrocarbon-rich material supplies a major portion of the world’s power needs as a ready, plentiful means of generating electricity. And the United States has more reserves of recoverable coal than any other country. 

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Chens remain big supporters of collegeChen

If you have the good fortune of visiting the home of Juh Wah Chen and Han Lin Chen in rural Carbondale, the phrase “bloom where you are planted” can spring quickly to mind.

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Concrete canoe, steel bridge teams win bigConcrete Canoe

SIU engineering students made history in April, winning the top spot in two regional competitions aimed at testing their abilities and creativity as up-and-coming engineers.

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NSF funds leadership program for students

Usually, students get scholarships for something they’ve done -- such as earning high marks in high school or college.

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