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Students and Research

BME at SIUC is a university-wide program where several research projects are conducted across the campus. Some of these research projects are:

1. Simulation, Modeling, and Realization of Biological Mechanisms- Biological Mechanisms on – a –chip

Theses completed in this area: Saripalli, Manjeera “Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Colorectal Cancer”, 2011. Advisor: Dr. N. Botros Mahmoud, Hayder “Modeling And Simulating Of The Human Renal System Mathematical Model”, 2011. Advisor; Dr. N. Botros.

2. Smart Devices for Biomedical applications


Theses completed in this area: Kafle, Shriya, “Smart Wireless System for Detection and Analysis of Fetal Movement”, 2013. Advisor: Dr. N. Botros

3. Experimental and theoretical research on investigation and protection of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)


Theses completed in this area: Adam M. Johnson, “Noise Exposure System for Noise Induced Hearing Loss”, May 2012. Advisor: Dr. J. Qin Adam W. Schlag, “Development and Modification of a Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Noise Exposure System”, December 2012. Advisor: Dr. J. Qin Ahmed, Mohamed, “Portable Medical Instrumentation for Objectively Diagnosing Human Tinnitus”, 2010. Advisors: Dr. J. Qin and N. Botros

4. Digital tomographic image reconstruction, image quality and image analysis


Participated BME students:Rayford II, Cleveland E., “Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) computational analysis with parallel imaging configurations to improve breast cancer detection”, thesis, May 2011. Advisor: Dr. Y. Chen. Cong, Linlin, “Comparison and optimization of breast tomosynthesis imaging configurations based on computer simulation and analysis”, thesis, August 2012. Advisor: Dr. Y. Chen.

5. Optical imaging and computer vision algorithms


Participated BME students:Fang, Jian, “Optical imaging and computer vision technology for corn quality measurement”, December 2011. Advisor: Dr. Y. Chen.