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College of Engineering, Computing, Technology, and Mathematics

Sanjeev Kumar

Director, Professor and Distinguished Teacher, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASCE

Sanjeev Kumar

Office Phone: 618-453-7815
Building: Engineering A, Room 108

Research Interests:

Integration of professional practice and academia, large-scale utilization of fly ash and bottom ash, stabilization of soils, dynamic soil-structure interaction, piles under lateral loads, ground motion amplification in soils, liquefaction of sands, hydraulic conductivity of landfill clay barriers


  • CE 320 - Soil Mechanics                                          
  • CE 421 - Foundation Design
  • CE 423 - Geotechnical Engineering in Professional Practice                  
  • CE 431 - Pavement Design
  • CE 521 - Ground Improvement
  • CE 523 - Soil Dynamics
  • CE 524 - Advanced Soil Testing


  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, July 1996.
  • M.S. in Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, December 1993.
  • Baccalaureate in Civil Engineering, The Institution of Engineers, India, 1986
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering, Thapar Polytechnic, India, 1984

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Kolay, P. K., Sulaiman, S., and Kumar, S. (2018), “Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concrete with Natural and Recycled Concrete Aggregates using Air Entraining Admixture”, Advances in Civil Engineering Materials, ASTM (DOI: 10.1520/ACEM20170079).
  • Louis, A., Guru, R., Peiravi, M., Mohanty, M., Ma, X., Kumar, S., and Liu, J. (2018). “Characterization of Southern Illinois Water Treatment Residues for Sustainable Applications,” Journal of Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources (DOI:10.3390/su10051374).
  • Jha, P. and Kumar, S. (2017). “A simplified approach to predict neutral plane and estimate drag forces on drilled shafts resulting from deformation in soil caused by a heavily loaded adjacent shallow foundation using Isodefers,” Intl. Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Taylor and Francis (Lead Author Ph.D. Student) DOI 10.1080/19386362.2017.1288354. 

Honors and Awards:

Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Geotechnical Engineering, SP Foundation, 2010

Best Paper Award, ASCE, Journal of Leadership and Management in Engineering, July 2007; Paper Title “Engineers Learn Soft Skills the Hard Way: Planting the Seed of Leadership in Engineering Classes.”

University-Level Excellence through Commitment Outstanding Teacher Award (2006)