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M.E. in Civil Engineering

Master of Engineering (ME) in Civil Engineering

The Master of Engineering (ME) degree in Civil Engineering is a non-thesis, course only professional degree designed to provide advanced technical knowledge for professional practice. The program provides advanced study in the areas of structural engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, and water resources engineering.

For graduation, the ME student is required to complete thirty semester hours of graduate level courses. Of this, eighteen semester hours must be earned in the School of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering. Furthermore, at least fifteen semester hours must be 500-level and completed at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Students are required to take CE 593 Civil Engineering Project or a different 500 level Civil Engineering course.  Students may, with the approval of the School Director, also take graduate level courses in other branches of engineering or in areas of science and business, such as physics, geology, chemistry, mathematics, life science, administrative sciences, or computer science.

The ME program permits students to complete an advanced degree in three semesters (12 credit hours Fall, 12 credit hours Spring, 6 credit hours Summer). This is a non-research degree; teaching or research assistantships are not available for students pursuing this degree, nor would this be a suitable track to pursue the Ph.D. The complete procedures and requirements for the ME Degree are described in the Graduate Catalog.