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Ph.D. in Engineering Science | Civil and Environmental | SIU

Ph.D. in Engineering Science

Ph.D. Program

The College of Engineering at SIUC offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Engineering Science. The objective of this program is to prepare highly qualified individuals for teaching and research positions in higher education, industry, government, and other organizations.

The Ph.D. program is supported by cutting-edge research projects conducted by nationally and internationally recognized engineering faculty members. The college has well equipped laboratories and computer facilities that are housed in a modern Engineering Complex. In mid-1997, a new 70,000 square-foot facility was dedicated. This new addition to the Engineering Complex houses more than 30 engineering laboratories, including facilities for advanced friction studies, information technology, optoelectronics, gaseous electronics, laser electronics, mechanics, fluidized bed combustion, composite materials, imaging and nondestructive analysis, and mineral processing. In addition, the College houses two unique research centers that contribute significantly to the intellectual portfolio of the College, namely, the Center for Advanced Friction Studies and Materials Technology Center.

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