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Department Information

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department is to serve society as a center for learning and innovation in all major areas of electrical and computer engineering. The Department accomplishes its mission by disseminating existing knowledge through teaching, by creating new knowledge through research and publications, and by converting original ideas and concepts into new technologies. Through integration of education and research, the Department creates the academic environment necessary for training innovators and leaders for the future".


We offer approximately 115 courses (graduate and undergraduate) covering all major areas of electrical and computer engineering, including biomedical applications. All required courses are taught both in the Fall and Spring Semesters and some required courses are offered in the Summer Semester as well. Elective and graduate courses are offered either in the Fall or in the Spring Semester and some are offered in the Summer Semester as well.

Typically we offer fifty to fifty-five courses in the Fall and Spring Semesters and fifteen to twenty courses in the Summer Semester. Detailed information regarding the offering of courses through 2013 can be found in our course offering plan.

Biomedical Engineering Program

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for Biomedical Engineering ranks as one of the highest among all engineering disciplines. The BLS defines Biomedical Engineering as a profession that combines "engineering principles with medical and biological sciences to design and create equipment, devices, computer systems, and software used in healthcare." The Biomedical Engineering program at Southern Illinois University provides the best opportunities for students to work closely with our dedicated faculty and advance their career.


The ECE Department has an excellent tradition in attracting, developing and graduating minority students. We have been particularly successful in recruiting female students and faculty members. Approximately thirty-three percent of our graduate students are female. The female representation in our student body (graduate and undergraduate) is currently over twenty percent. These numbers are significantly higher than the national averages for ECE departments.

Research Centers

The Center for Embedded Systems, an NSF Industry/University Cooperative Center, is a nationally recognized center for research and development in the emerging area of embedded computing system technologies with many participating industries in the areas of microelectronics, defense and aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. The Power Research Program, funded by AMEREN, provides research and development projects in the area of power systems, power electronics, smart grid, and the internet of things.

High Performance Computing

The NSF-funded high-performance computing (HPC) facility consists of 106 dual quad-core Dell PowerEdge compute nodes running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The HPC facility not only serves the SIU campus, but the greater Southern Illinois region.

International Students

The ECE Department has an excellent tradition in recruiting international students in both its graduate and undergraduate programs. The diverse educational backgrounds and cultures of our student body create a vibrant environment, which is contributing to the success of our programs. Evidence for this success is the ability of our graduates to compete effectively in the job market, all over the world.

Contact Information

Please address any correspondence to "Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering" to the following address:

Mail Code 6603
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
1230 Lincoln Drive
Carbondale, Illinois 62901

For telephone inquiries, please call (618) 536-2364 and refer to the program you're inquiring about.  The ECE fax number is (618) 453-7972 and email address is

Industrial Advisory Council

Enrollment and Graduation Data

In the Fall Semester of 2019, the undergraduate enrollment was 162 and the graduate enrollment was 83 students. There were 74 undergraduate degrees and 31 graduate degrees conferred.

The Table below shows the undergraduate and graduate enrollment data during the period 2014-2019.

Fall BS Computer
BS Electrical
2014 88 137 159 87 471
2015 93 131 100 81 405
2016 82 119 76 83 360
2017 73 122 66 61 322
2018 71 118 38 49 276
2019 61 101 44 39 245


The Table below shows the undergraduate enrollment data for BS Electrical Engineering (EE), pre-Electrical Engineering, BS Computer Engineering (CEGR), and pre-Computer Engineering during the period 2015-2019.

Fall EE (total) BS EE pre-EE CEGR (total) BS CEGR pre-CEGR
2015 136 131 5 96 93 3
2016 127 119 8 87 82 5
2017 130 122 8 81 73 8
2018 121 118 3 78 71 8
2019 107 101 6 67 61 6


The Table below shows the undergraduate and graduate degrees conferred during the period 2014-2019.

BS Computer
BS Electrical
2014 17 34 43 7 101
2015 10 34 89 13 146
2016 21 36 79 11 147
2017 27 40 39 14 120
2018 17 36 46 17 116
2019 25 49 19 12 105