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Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering

College of Engineering, Computing, Technology, and Mathematics


The Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering faculty support teaching and research in several areas of electrical and computer engineering including the following: (a) antennas and propagation, (b) biomedical, (c) cloud computing, (d) cognitive radio, (e) computer architecture, (f) computer networks, (g) electronic design and test automation, (h) embedded systems and control, (i) embedded systems software, (j) internet of things, (k) large scale computing, (l) many core computing, (m) medical image processing, (n) MEMS, (o) multi-core systems, (p) nanoscale devices, (q) neural networks, (r) optics, (s) photonics, (t) power electronics, (u) power systems, (v) robotics, systems programming, (w) VLSI, and (x) wireless communications.

Shaikh Ahmed

Professor, Ph.D. Arizona State University, 2005

Shaikh Ahmed

Office: Engineering E-222

Office Hours: MWF: 10-10:50AM, MW: 12-1:30PM

Phone: (618) 453-7630

Email: ahmed@siu.edu

Lab: Nanoelectronics

Dr. Ahmed's research interests are in: (a) Nanoscale device design for electronic, optoelectronic/photonic, and energy harvesting applications; (b) Quantum phenomena and devices; (c) Peta-scale scientific computing and developing community nanotechnology software. ...read full profile >>

Iraklis Anagnostopoulos

Associate Professor, Ph.D. National Technical University of Athens, 2014

Iraklks Anagnostopoulos

Office: Engineering E-114

Office Hours: WF: 10-1PM

Phone: (618) 453-7034

Email: iraklis.anagno@siu.edu

Lab: Embedded Systems Software


Dr. Anagnostopoulos research interests include (i) many-core architectures, (ii) run-time resource management, (iii) dynamic memory management and (iv) embedded systems architectures. Education Ph.D., National Technical University of Athens, Microprocessors and Digital Systems Lab, 2014 Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, 2008

Gayan Amarasuriya Aruma Baduge

Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Alberta, 2013

Dr. Gayan Aruma Baduge

Office: Engineering E-110

Office Hours: TR: 11-2PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-4755

Email: gayan.baduge@siu.edu

Lab: Wireless Communications & Information Systems Laboratory


Dr. Aruma Baduge's research interests are in the broad area of communications theory and wireless communications with an emphasis on massive MIMO systems, millimeter-wave communications, cooperative relay networks, device-to-device communications, wireless energy harvesting for IoTs, and physical-layer security.

Arash Asrari

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Central Florida, 2015

Arash Asrari

Office: Engineering E-116

Office Hours: MTW: 1:30-3:30PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-7642

Email: arash.asrari@siu.edu

Lab: Power Systems Design

Dr. Asrari's research interests include (1) power systems operation and planning, (2) power systems protection, (3) power systems optimization, (4) renewable energy systems integration, (5) electricity markets analysis, and (6) smart grid. He started working in the ...read full profile >>

Chilman Bae

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, 2009

Chilman Bae

Office: Engineering E-4E

Phone: (618) 453-2130

Email: chilman.bae@siu.edu


Dr. Bae’s research interests are in 1) Bioelectrical Engineering: development of bioinstruments and technology and computational simulation, 2) Neuroscience: spinal cord stimulation, opioid induced chronic pain, and HIV associated neuropathic pain, and 3) Mechanobiology: ...read full profile >>

Ying Chen

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Duke University, 2007

Ying Chen

Office: Engineering E-206

Office Hours: MW 10AM - 1PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-7060

Email: adachen@siu.edu

Labs: Digital Imaging, Medical Imaging

Dr. Chen's research interests are in: medical image reconstruction, signal and image processing.

Farhan Chowdhury

Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011

Farhan Chowdhury

Office: Engineering E-015

Phone: (618) 453-7833

Email: farhan.chowdhury@siu.edu 


Dr. Farhan Chowdhury is an Associate Professor primarily in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes. His research is in the area of Mechanobiology.

Lalit Gupta

Professor, Ph.D. Southern Methodist University, 1986

Lalit Gupta

Office: Engineering E-004D

Office Hours: MWF: 10-12PM

Phone: (618) 453-7032

Email: lgupta@siu.edu

Lab: Digital Signal Processing

Dr. Gupta's research interests are in pattern recognition, neural networks, and signal processing. He has considerable expertise in designing systems for diverse problems such as automatic target recognition, brain-waveform analysis and classification, predicting item ...read full profile >>

Themistoklis Haniotakis

Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Athens, 2008

Themistoklis Haniotakis

Office: Engineering E-220

Office Hours: MWF: 11:30-1:30PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-7026

Email: haniotak@siu.edu

Lab: VLSI Design & RF-IC

Dr. Haniotakis' research interests are in: (a) digital VLSI Design and Test, (b) RF IC Design and Test, (c) Low Power VLSI Design, and (d) Fault-tolerant Systems. 

Frances Harackiewicz

Professor, Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1990

Frances Harackiewicz

Office: Engineering E-118

Office Hours: W: 10-12, TR: 9:30-11, T: 2:15-3:15

Phone: (618) 453-7031

Email: fran@engr.siu.edu

Lab: Antenna & Propagation

Dr. Harackiewicz's research interests are in: (a) Electromagnetics, (b) antenna theory and design, (c) microwaves, (d) microstrip phased arrays and anisotropic materials, (e) small multiband and broadband antennas, (f) PIFAs, (g) loops, (h) printed ...read full profile >>

Constantine Hatziadoniu

Research Professor, Ph.D. West Virginia University, 1987

Constantine Hatziadoniu

Office: Engineering E-221

Office Hours: MWF: 11-12PM, 2-3PM, or by walk-in

Phone: (618) 453-7036

Email: hatz@siu.edu
Lab: Renewable Generation & Power Systems Control/Protection


Dr. Hatziadoniu's research interests are in: (a) Power systems modeling, (b) simulation and control, (c) high voltage, (d) DC transmission, (e) power electronics, and (f) power systems transient.

Dimitrios Kagaris

Professor, Ph.D. Dartmouth College, 1994

Dimitrios Kagaris

Office: Engineering E-117

Office Hours: TWR: 12-2PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-7973

Email: kagaris@engr.siu.edu

Lab: Fault Tolerant Design

Dr. Kagaris' research interests are in: (a) digital design automation, (b) design for testability, (c) sensor networks, and (d) data mining and bioinformatics. He is currently serving as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on ...read full profile >>

Arash Komaee

Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park, 2008

Arash Komaee

Office: Engineering E-216

Office Hours: MW: 1:30-4:30, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-7064

Email: akomaee@siu.edu

Lab: Laboratory for Control and Optimization

Dr. Komaee's interests are in the areas of control theory and signal processing with emphasis on stochastic control, optimal control, estimation theory, and nonlinear filtering. In his current research, he applies these areas to problems in magnetic control of micro- and ...read full profile >>

Xiaoqing "Frank" Liu

Dean of the College of Engineering, Ph.D. Computer Science, Texas A&M University

Xiaoqing Liu

Office: Engineering A0407

Phone: (618) 453-6059

Email: xiaoqing.liu@siu.edu


Dr. Liu's research interests include cyber argumentation based social media and networking, data analytics based recommendation systems, service computing, cyber physical systems, software engineering, applied artificial intelligence, and advanced computing and data applications

Chao Lu

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Purdue University, 2012

Chao Lu

Office: Engineering E-223

Office Hours: MWF: 1-3PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-7028

Email: chaolu@siu.edu

Lab: VLSI System Research


OSHA Electrical Safety Training Materials

Dr. Lu's research interests include (a) HEVC/H.265 real-time video encoding algorithms and VLSI hardware architecture, and (b) Deep neural network algorithm and VLSI hardware architecture (for smart building, self-driving, pattern recognition, and video/image processing ...read full profile >>

James Phegley

Senior Lecturer, Ph.D. Southern Illinois University, 2001

James Phegley

Office: Engineering E-210

Office Hours: T: 11 - 2PM, R: 10-1PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-7044

Email: phegley@engr.siu.edu

Dr. Phegley's areas of interest include Pattern recognition and classification, digital signal processing.

Jun Qin

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Duke University, 2008

Jun Qin

Office: Engineering E-207

Office Hours: MWF: 1-2PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-3460

Email: jqin@siu.edu

Lab: Digital Instrumentation


Dr. Qin’s research interests cover signal processing, noise induced hearing loss, ultrasound medical applications, machine learning, speech processing, and medical devices.

Mohammad Sayeh

Professor, Ph.D. Oklahoma State University, 1985

Mohammad Sayeh

Office: Engineering E-204

Office Hours: MTWRF: 11-12PM

Phone: (618) 453-7066

Email: sayeh@siu.edu

Labs: Photonics-1, Photonics-2

Dr. Sayeh's main research interests are in the areas of Photonics and Artificial Neural Networks.  His research focuses on optical means with ANN architectures to solve engineering problems.  Optical delta-sigma modulator with ...read full profile >>

Spyros Tragoudas

Professor & Director, School of ECBE, Ph.D. University of Texas at Dallas

Spyros Tragoudas

Office: Engineering E-202B

Office Hours: TR: 11-2PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-7027

Email: spyros@engr.siu.edu

Lab: Electronic Design & Test Automation

Graduate Students
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Tragoudas’ current research interests are in VLSI Design Automation, Verification and Validation of Embedded Systems, Emerging Technologies, Hardware Security.

Haibo Wang

Professor, Ph.D. University of Arizona, 2002

Haibo Wang

Office: Engineering E-4D

Office Hours: M: 2-3:30PM, W: 2-5PM, F: 9:30-11AM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-1522

Email: zhwang@siu.edu

Lab: Mixed Signal Design & Test

Website: https://www.engr.siu.edu/haibo/

Dr. Wang's research interests are in mixed-signal VLSI, sensor signal acquisiton and processing, intelligent sensor system, medical sensor device.

Ning Weng

Professor, Ph.D. University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2005

Ning Weng

Office: Engineering E-119

Office Hours: MWF: 10-11AM, 2-3PM, or by appointment

Phone: (618) 453-7645

Email: nweng@siu.edu

Lab: Network Systems

Dr. Weng's research interests are in: (a) network processing system, (b) system architecture, (c) analytical performance modeling, and (d) low power design.