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Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering

College of Engineering, Computing, Technology, and Mathematics

Hui Li

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, 2019

Hui Li

Office: Engineering E-119

Phone: (618) 453-7922



Dr. Li’s research interests center on biomedical devices, advanced manufacturing, surface engineering, drug screening, precise diagnostics, and personalized medicine.

Representative publications:

Hui Li, Eugene Shkolyar, Jing Wang, Alan C. Pao, Simon Conti, Joseph C. Liao, Tak Sing Wong, and Pak Kin Wong. SLIPS-LAB – A Bioinspired Bioanalysis System for Metabolic Evaluation of Urinary Stone Disease, Science Advances, 6 (21), eaba8535, 2020.

Hui Li, Peter Torab, Kathleen E. Mach, Christine Surrette, Matthew R. England, David W. Craft, Neal J. Thomas, Joseph C. Liao, Chris Puleo, and Pak Kin Wong. An Adaptable Microfluidic System for Single Cell Pathogen Classification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 116 (21) 10270-10279, 2019.

Hui Li, Peter Torab, and Pak Kin Wong. Detection of bacterial infection via a fidget spinner, Nature Biomedical Engineering, 4, 577–578, 2020.

Hui Li, Tyler Garner, Francisco Diaz, and Pak Kin Wong. A Multiwell Microfluidic Device for Analyzing and Screening Non-Hormonal Contraceptive Agents, Small, 15, 1901910, 2019.

Hui Li, Pengfei Zhang, Kuangwen Hsieh, and Jeff Tza-Huei Wang, Combinatorial nanodroplet platform for screening antibiotic combinations, Lab on a Chip,, 2022.

Jing Wang, Lin Wang, Nan Sun, Ross Tierney, Hui Li, Margo Corsetti, Leon Williams, Pak Kin Wong, and Tak-Sing Wong, Viscoelastic solid-repellent coatings for extreme water saving and global sanitation, Nature Sustainability, 2, 1097–1105, 2019.

Fangchi Shao, Pei-Wei Lee, Hui Li, Kuangwen Hsieh and Tza-Huei Wang, Emerging Platforms for High-Throughput Enzymatic Bioassays, Trends in Biotechnology, 2022.

We welcome motivated graduate and undergraduate students to join our group! As our research covers multidisciplinary, students from Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering are strongly encouraged to apply. Please email Dr. Li to discuss the potential.


Education and professional training

Johns Hopkins University                    Postdoc, Mechanical engineering            2019 - 2022

The Pennsylvania State University        PhD, Biomedical engineering                2015 - 2019