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Research Labs

The faculty research facilities support teaching and research in several areas of electrical and computer engineering including the following: antennas and propagation, biomedical, medical image processing, computer architecture, embedded systems and control, MEMS, robotics, electronic design and test automation, large scale computing, nanoscale devices, optics, photonics, power systems, power electronics, neural networks, VLSI, wireless communications, and cognitive radio.

Bio-MEMS Lab

Director: Dr. Hui Li


Location: Engr E-123
Dir: Dr. Hui Li


The Bio-MEMS lab develops micro/nanoengineering devices to improve current practices for pathogen diagnosis, personalize treatments, and drug screening.

Laboratory for Control and Optimization Lab

Director: Dr. Arash Komaee

Laboratory for Control and Optimization

Location: Engr E-205
Phone: (618) 453-7022
Dir: Dr. Arash Komaee

The Laboratory for Control and Optimization Lab is dedicated to research on control of miniaturized systems. The particular emphasis is on design and control of micro-scale robots remotely actuated by magnetic fields. Magnetic fields generated by full profile >>

Electronic Design and Test Automation Lab

Director: Dr. Spyros Tragoudas

Electronic Design and Test Automation

Location: Engr E-201

Phone: (618) 453-7051
Dr. Spyros Tragoudas

Graduate Students

Related Courses

The Electronic Design and Test Automation Laboratory research areas are in VLSI Design Automation, Verification and Validation of Embedded Systems, Emerging Technologies, Hardware Security.

Digital Imaging Lab

Director: Dr. Ying Chen

Digital Imaging

Location: Engr E-208
Phone: (618) 453-7030
Dir: Dr. Ying Chen

The Digital Imaging Laboratory research areas are in: medical image reconstruction, signal and image processing.  Related Courses include the following: ECE 467 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging, and ECE 468 Digital Signal Processing.

Digital Instrumentation Lab

Director: Dr. Jun Qin

Digital Instrumentation

Location: Engr E-229
Phone: (618) 453-4038
Dir: Dr. Jun Qin

The Digital Instrumentation Laboratory houses equipment and software for research activities related to sensor and instrumentation, digital data acquisition, viral instrumentation, signal analysis, and ultrasound full profile >>

Embedded Systems Software Lab

Director: Dr. Iraklis Anagnostopoulos

Embedded Systems Software Lab

Location: Engr E-121
Phone: (618) 453-3285
Dir: Dr. Iraklis Anagnostopoulos

The Embedded Systems Software Lab houses equipment and software for research activities related to embedded and many-core systems. Our research activities focus on the development of novel algorithms for run-time resource management, software frameworks and full profile >>

Fault Tolerant Design Lab

Director: Dr. Dimitrios Kagaris

Fault Tolerant Design

Location: Engr E-115
Phone: (618) 453-7994
Dir: Dr. Dimitrios Kagaris

The Fault Tolerant Design Laboratory research areas are in: (a) digital design automation, (b) design for testability, (c) sensor networks, and (d) data mining and bioinformatics. The research focus is on optimization of transistor-level designs, full profile >>

Mixed Signal and Test Lab

Director: Dr. Haibo Wang

Mixed Signal and Test

Location: Engr E-105
Phone: (618) 453-7659
Director: Dr. Haibo Wang

The Mixed-Signal Design and Test Laboratory research areas are in in mixed-signal VLSI, sensor signal acquisiton and processing, intelligent sensor system, and medical sensor device. The following pictures show two recently completed projects. To find out more about full profile >>

Nanoelectronics Lab

Director: Dr. Shaikh Ahmed


Location: Engr E-233
Phone: (618) 453-7053
Dir: Dr. Shaikh Ahmed

Research activities in the Nanoelectronics Laboratory​ focus mainly in the field of theoretical and computational nanoelectronics with particular efforts to address technological challenges and to find possible solutions. The Group is currently full profile >>

Network Systems Lab

Director: Dr. Ning Weng

Network Systems

Location: Engr E-112
Phone: (618) 453-7014
Dir: Dr. Ning Weng

The Network Systems Laboratory focuses on programmable network systems, network security and wireless sensor networks. The increasing network bandwidth, expanding network services, emerging wireless sensor networks and lacking security and quality of service pose full profile >>

Photonics Lab

Director: Dr.Mohammad Sayeh

Photonics 2

Location: Engr E-211, E-214
Phone: (618) 453-7022
Dir: Dr. Mohammad Sayeh

Photonics Laboratories provide students in undergraduate and graduate levels with the fundamentals of Photonics needed to be engaged in an experimental research. Photonics I (ECE 441) and Photonics II (ECE 448) experiments are: Intensity modulation using polarizers full profile >>

Power Systems Design Lab

Director: Dr. Arash Asrari

Power Systems Design

Location: Engr E-109
Dir: Dr. Arash Asrari

The Power Systems Design Laboratory’s current research concentrations are (1) power systems operation and planning, (2) power systems protection, (3) power systems optimization, (4) renewable energy systems integration, (5) electricity markets analysis, full profile >>

Surgical Imaging Lab

Director: Dr. Steven Blair

Surgical Imaging Lab

Location: Engr E-211, E-214
Phone: (618) 453-7022
Dir: Dr. Steven Blair

The Surgical Imaging Lab, formally known as The Blair Lab, seeks to prolong the survival and improve the quality-of-life of cancer patients undergoing surgery through the development of imaging systems and image processing routines that can readily detect full profile >>

VLSI System Research Lab

Director: Dr. Chao Lu

VLSI System Research Lab

Location: Engr E-225

Phone: (618) 453-3035
Dir: Dr. Chao Lu

The VLSI System Research Laboratory’s current research focuses on developing low power and high performance VLSI Systems, including: (1) process-device-circuit-system co-design and optimization (such as energy harvesting systems, 3D-IC VLSI system with full profile >>

Wireless Communications and Information Systems Lab

Director: Dr. Gayan Amarasuriya Aruma Baduge

Wireless Communications and Information Systems Laboratory

Location: Engr E-105

Phone: (618) 453-7659
Dir: Dr. Gayan Amarasuriya Aruma Baduge

Wireless Communications and Information Systems Laboratory (WCISL) is actively involved in the theoretical and practical aspects of modern communications and information systems. Research in WCISL focuses on design and analysis of (i) novel physical-layer transmission full profile >>