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Laboratory for Control and Optimization

Director: Dr. Arash Komaee

Laboratory for Control and Optimization

Location: Engr E-205
Phone: (618) 453-7022
Dir: Dr. Arash Komaee

The Laboratory for Control and Optimization Lab is dedicated to research on control of miniaturized systems. The particular emphasis is on design and control of micro-scale robots remotely actuated by magnetic fields. Magnetic fields generated by electro- or permanent magnets are smartly manipulated to gain precise control over magnetized micro-robots. On the theoretical side, our research is aimed at developing novel control, measurement, and signal processing techniques required for precise positioning of micro-scale particles. On the experimental side, we design and implement physical testbeds to verify the effectiveness of our theory and advance them to applied technology. 

Research Areas

  • Control Theory
  • Estimation Theory
  • Signal Processing
  • Electromagnetics

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