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VLSI System Research

Director: Dr. Chao Lu

VLSI System Research Lab

Location: Engr E-225

Email: chaolu@siu.edu
Phone: (618) 453-3035
Dir: Dr. Chao Lu

The VLSI System Research Laboratory’s current research focuses on developing low power and high performance VLSI Systems, including: (1) process-device-circuit-system co-design and optimization (such as energy harvesting systems, 3D-IC VLSI system with emerging novel devices), (2) high efficient video coding (H.265) VLSI hardware implementation.

Open Positions

Our research fields have strong connections to industry. Ph.D. graduates in these research topics are popular and highly demanded/highly paid in the US job market. Recent Ph.D. graduates of VLSI areas from our department got jobs in Intel, AMD, LSI Logic, NVIDIA, etc.

I have opening positions in VLSI system research lab for PhD students on exciting projects with funding support. Please contact me with your complete resume if you are interested in working together with me.​

Group Members

Yuanzhi Zhang (PhD Student), fall 2015 – Present

Email: yzzhang@siu.edu

M.S., B.S. Shandong University, China

Research area: H.265 system and VLSI implementation

Zichang Zhang (M.S. Student, and will transfer to PhD. Program in spring 2016), fall 2015 – Present

B.S. Nankai University, China Email: zichang@siu.edu

Research area: Device modeling for Topology Insulator Transistors, Device/circuit co-design



[1] S. Baytok, C. Lu, C. H. Ho, V. Raghunathan, K. Roy, “Effects of Deposition Process on Poly-Si Micro-scale Energy Scavenging Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, under review.

[2] X. Wang, C. Lu, Z. Mao, “Power efficient SRAM design with integrated bit line charge pump”, IEICE Electronics Express, under review.

[3] X. Wang, C. Lu, Z. Mao, “Charge recycling 8T SRAM design for low voltage robust operation”, International Journal of Electronics and Communications, 2015.

[4] Q. Huang, Y. Zhang, Z. Ge, Chao Lu, “Refining Wi-Fi Based Indoor Localization with Li-Fi Assisted Model Calibration in Smart Buildings”, International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, 2016.

[5] Q. Huang, Z., C. Lu, “Occupancy Estimation in Smart Buildings using Audio-Processing Techniques” International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, 2016.

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Lab Equipment List

  • Linux Workstation: Dell Precision Tower 7910
  • Cadence and Synopsys Design Tools
  • 4 Desktops (Dell Optiplex 9020 with dual 27-inch monitors)
Xilinx High-end FPGA board (Stratix V) for H.265 system demonstration