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External Research Grants Awarded to ECE Faculty

October 15, 2013

External research grants were awarded to ECE faculty this fall, primarily from the NSF. The NSF research grants include one new award and one continuing NSF. In particular, Dr. Xiangwei Zhou received $896,629 for efficient temporal-spatial spectrum sharing through voluntary exchange, and Dr. Spyros Tragoudas received $250,000 for the Consortium for Embedded Systems.

Such prestigious awards are indicative of the quality of research conducted by the ECE faculty.  Details are listed below:

Efficient Temporal-Spatial Spectrum Sharing Through Voluntary Exchange, Lead PI Xiangwei Zhou (ECE), co-PI Alison Watts (Economics), National Science Foundation, $896,629.00.

Consortium for Embedded Systems, Affiliates Program, Spyros Tragoudas, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Various Industries, $250,000.