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James Mathias

Associate Professor

James Mathias

Office: ENGR E24
Phone: 618-453-7016
Fax: 618-453-7658

Dr. Mathias specializes in energy conservation and management as well as experimental testing of fluid dynamics and analytical and experimental testing of thermodynamic cycles.


  • Ph.D.   Mechanical Engineering, (2001), The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
  • M.S.    Mechanical Engineering, (1996), Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.
  • B.S.    Mechanical Engineering, (1994), Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.


ASHRAE Poster Presentation Award and ASHRAE Transactions Paper Award, Presented to J.A. Mathias and D.M. Mathias for Design, Construction, and Analysis of an Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective, Passive-Solar Home, 2009.    

First Place, Best Paper Award, Presented to Robert Ricks, Rhonda Kowalchuk, John Nicklow, Loen Graceson-Martin, Lalit Gupta, James Mathias, Jale Tezcan, and Kathy Pericak-Spector, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), First-Year Programs Division, 2009 ASEE Conference, Austin, TX.

Blaudow Faculty Award for Student Leadership, College of Engineering, 2017

Outstanding Teacher, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, 2008, 2012, 2015, 2016


Assessment of In-Motion Thermography Inspection for the Rail Base Area - Phase 2, Association of American Railroads (AAR) Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI), $100,000, Chu, T., Mathias, J., Jan 2022 – Dec 2022

Communities LEAP Pilot Program, US Department of Energy, Harrell, J., Anderson, K., Brevik, E., Chapman, B., Bolen, D., Norris, G., Cogie, J., Lindberg, L., Mathias, J., Ziarnek, M., Rippinger, P., Schauwecker, K., Hermetz, S., Mitchell, S., Suda, J., Tragoudas, S., Technical Assistance provided but no monetary funding, May 2022 – Nov 2023

Enhancing Resilience and Sustainability for Small Manufacturing Enterprises, Mathias, J., Nsofor, E., Mondal, K., Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC), $48,767, Jun 2022 – Nov 2022

Designing Equitable and Sustainable STEM Education with Renewable Technologies (DESSERT), Mathias, J., Aldeman, M. (Illinois State University), Illinois Innovation Network (IIN), $29,999, Sep 2022 – Aug 2023


  • Energy conservation and management
  • Experimental fluid dynamics testing
  • Experimental and analytical thermodynamics


Mathias, J.A., Kim, D.H., (2019) Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient Passenger Rail System for the Eastern United States. Journal of Advanced Transportation, 12 pages.

Clay, J., Mathias, J.A., (2018) Energetic and exergetic analysis of a multi-stage turbine, coal-fired 173 MW power plant. International Journal of Exergy, 27, (4) 419-436.

Green, J.A., Mathias, J.A., (2018) Improving the Energy Efficiency of a Mid-Size Power Plant by Increased Heat Recovery. ASHRAE Transactions, 124, (1) 97-104.

Madineedi, N.T., Harrell, J.M., Mathias, J.A., (2017) Redesigning the HVAC System of a University Laboratory Building. ASHRAE Transactions, 123, (2) 217-228.

Achelpohl, S., Green, J.A., Mathias, J.A., (2014) Installation and Results of Variable-Frequency Drives at a Mid-Sized Power Generation Facility. ASHRAE Transactions, 120, (2) 195-199.