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Alumni and Friends: Welcome

The College of Engineering at SIU is driven by relationships. Our students start building them as soon as they arrive and become Salukis. And our alumni carry those relationships into their lives forever. those relationships into their lives forever. We value our Alumni and Friends, and encourage your participation and support of our academic vision and mission. Our alumni are a vital link between the SIU of yesterday and today, as well as with the outside world. As an institution that prides itself on providing unparalleled access to knowledge and opportunity, alumni are a valued and indispensable resource.

If you are an alumnus, we encourage you to contact us. Sharing your best memories of SIU or letting us know of your achievement will help us network locally, nationally and globally.  One thing is for certain, the value of a degree from the College of Engineering is reflected in the success of our alumni

Thanks for visiting, and come back again soon to catch up on our news and announcements!