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QEM (Online) Program Requirements

The QEM online degree requires students to complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of acceptable graduate credits.  Within the 30 semester hour requirement, students must complete the following 4 core courses:.

  • QEM 510-3 Quality Assurance
  • QEM 525-3 Six Sigma Black Belt II
  • QEM 530-3 Lean Manufacturing II
  • QEM 540-3 Reliability Analysis

The remainder of the 30 semester hours can consist of any combination of the following courses:

  • QEM 535-3 Service Quality
  • QEM 545-3 Project Management II
  • QEM 550-3 Project Leadership
  • QEM 555-3 Human Safety and Risk Management
  • QEM 570-3 Energy Management Systems
  • Other Approved Electives

Students not meeting specific prerequisite requirements for the above core courses will be required to complete the following list of courses. The specific 400-level courses will count toward meeting the 30 semester hour acceptable graduate credit requirement. 

  • IMAE 450-3 Project Management
  • IMAE 465-3 Lean Manufacturing
  • IMAE 470a-3 Six Sigma Green Belt
  • IMAE 470b-3 Six Sigma Green Belt II
  • QEM 515-3 Six Sigma Black Belt