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Program Outcomes

  1. Define key terms in management, quality, production, and automation.
  2. Identify relevant methods/tools in management, quality, production, and automation.
  3. Select appropriate methods/tools for a given application.
  4. Interpret and apply basic concepts of numerical analysis.
  5. Interpret and apply basic concepts of graphical analysis.
  6. Apply knowledge of production materials and methods including products, systems, and interface issues related to industrial organization and the selection of assembly techniques and equipment.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of industrial design fundamentals to solve practical industrial problems.
  8. Evaluate alternative solutions.
  9. Design and conduct experiments in quality.
  10. Demonstrate knowledge of design fundamentals.
  11. Evaluate alternative facility and process designs.
  12. Identify the readers/audience; assess their previous knowledge and information needs, and organize/design information to meet those needs.
  13. Provide content that is factually correct, supported with evidence, explained with sufficient detail, and properly documented.
  14. Test readers/audience responses to determine how well ideas have been relayed.
  15. Submit work with a minimum of errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage.
  16. Initiate and maintain task-oriented dialogue.
  17. Work for constructive conflict resolution.
  18. Strive for meaningful group consensus.
  19. Support other team members in the effective performance of their assigned roles.
  20. Initiate and participate in group maintenance activities.
  21. Demonstrate an awareness of contemporary issues in management, quality, production, and automation.
  22. Identify the gap between current practices and state-of-the-arts technology.
  23. Demonstrate knowledge of professional code of ethics.
  24. Evaluate the ethical dimensions of a problem in the discipline.