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Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives

After graduation, our students will be able to:

  1. Have sufficient technical knowledge and practical skills to obtain and advance in a broad range of technical positions that require electrical engineering technology functions or be accepted into a graduate program.
  2. Act ethically in a business environment and exhibit technical and social professionalism.
  3. Use the necessary mathematics, science and engineering theory to solve electrical/electronic problems at both an abstract and practical level.
  4. Develop technical competency in the integrated design, testing and troubleshooting of electrical/electronic systems.
  5. Communicate ideas, designs and results effectively in a business environment using all forms of technical expression such as written text, computerized display, graphs, engineering drawings and oral presentation.
  6. Work effectively in teams and small groups to solve technical problems and deliver desired results on time.
  7. Conduct all laboratory work and testing efficiently, properly and safely using a wide variety of instruments, devices and software.
  8. Develop a desire for continuous learning, professional development and research using internet-based online content and traditional methods.