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Technical Resource Management (TRM) | SIU

Technical Resource Management (TRM)

The Technical Resource Management program builds upon an individual's educational and occupational experiences with courses selected to meet technical career objectives. The curriculum is designed to develop foundational knowledge and insights to leading personnel in such areas as: quality control, labor-management relations, finance, business law, statistical analysis, and project management in order to direct sustainable business enterprises in an ever-changing business climate. Further, TRM specializations are designed to provide students with the 21st Century knowledge and skill sets to meet in-demand employment needs of the American workforce.

TRM is a technical management "capstone" program offered at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. TRM is tailored for candidates on career paths for which there are no traditional baccalaureate degrees (or who simply wish to "keep their options open"). TRM students can choose from a variety of delivery formats including: traditional on-campus and online.

To prepare students to be effective in today's dynamic environment, practical applications of contemporary issues are incorporated throughout the program. Graduates of the TRM degree program are prepared to lead a multicultural workforce in today's global economy.