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Each student applying for the/a TRM 319 Occupational Internship educational credit(s) through a business/industry work site must complete all forms provided. The TRM 319 Occupational Internship educational credit hour award ranges from 1 to 15 hours. Each educational credit hour equates to 50 hours of applied business/industry work documented in activities related to the student’s academic program and career objectives. For example, a 3-credit hour internship will require 150 hours of documented applied business/industry work in activities related to the student’s academic program and career objectives.

The student will provide documented satisfactory completion of the duties and services assigned by the Internship Work Supervisor to the Internship Coordinator. Reports and assignments are required to be completed and submitted by the student on a bi-weekly basis.

Not for graduate credit. A PASS grade is required for credit.


  1. All internships must relate to the student's academic and career goals. Exceptions require prior approval of the Director, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies and the TRM Program Coordinator.
  2. The student is required to complete both an Internship Agreement and Internship Objectives form prior to beginning the internship.
    • The student, with the guidance of the faculty member, is responsible for identifying a suitable occupational internship site and for negotiating the structure and terms of the internship. This includes the internship location, assigned duties and responsibilities, work hours, and objectives. A Work Site Supervisor Internship Information Sheet for potential site-supervision explains further the duties of such person.
    • The faculty member is responsible for ensuring that the approved internship is consistent with the student's academic program and career goals. Occupational internships must provide the student with an opportunity to apply skills gained in the academic setting to real work situations; must be directly related to the student's academic and career objectives; and are expected to serve as a supplemental source of learning.
  3. Prior to the internship experience, the student and faculty member must communicate, preferably meet in person, and the student must complete the Internship Agreement and Internship Objectives forms. These forms will be saved electronically and each form must be signed by the student and the Work Site Supervisor.
  4. The student must maintain an Internship Journal during the time of the internship to record experiences that surface in work-related activities during the term, citing specific experiences dealing with problems (technical and/or organizational), criticism, individual differences, cultural biases, hours worked, tasks, and objectives accomplished. The student and the Work Site Supervisor must sign all journal pages. Students must keep both original and electronic copies for submission.
  5. The student must provide the Work Site Supervisor with copies of the Midterm and Final Internship Evaluation forms. Original signed evaluation forms must be returned to the faculty member (and one original kept by the student).
  6. Each student completing an internship in the local area must schedule an appointment for the faculty member and the worksite supervisor to meet with the student at least once during each internship period.
  7. The student must contact the faculty coordinator in the following manners:
    • A student completing the internship requirement away from the SIU Carbondale area is expected to email bi-weekly journal entries to the faculty coordinator so that the student's progress can be monitored. In addition, the student is to contact the faculty coordinator, via phone or email, during the midterm week.
    • A student completing the internship requirement in the SIU Carbondale area is expected to deliver electronic bi-weekly journal entries to the faculty coordinator so that the student's progress can be monitored. In addition, the student is to meet with the faculty coordinator in person during the midterm week.
  8. The student must satisfactorily complete the minimum number of hours of internship experience agreed upon for educational credit.
  9. During the semester in which the student is registered for the internship course, the student must provide the faculty member with originals of all of the following by the dates agreed upon:
  10. Near the end of the internship, the student will be required to develop an Internship Portfolio, which will consist of:
    • a resume
    • a sample of the company brochure or other literature/company information of the intern site
    • contact information for a minimum of two individuals that consent to be references to the student’s work (name, title, address, phone, and email)
    • a three- to four-page narrative summary of the internship experience to include a general discussion of the achievements in meeting the learning objectives outlined in the Internship Objectives agreement
    • signed original copies of all weekly journals
    • a copy of the organizational chart of the internship site
    • all company contributions to include but not limited to: instructions, manual documentation developed/assisted in
    • any other miscellaneous sample projects or work performed and
    • a copy of the final report of internship experiences.

Contact TRM Internship Coordinator

John T. Legier, PhD

TRM Internship Coordinator

John Legier
Office: ASA 103B
Phone: 618-453-8830