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QEM Program

QEM Degree Requirements


Graduate students who have been admitted into the Quality Engineering and Management master’s program must complete a total of 30 semester hours of graduate-level credit of which 15 hours must be at the 500 level.

  1. The candidate’s program must include QEM 510, QEM 525, QEM 530 and QEM 540 (a total of 12 semester hours).
  2. The remaining 18 semester hours will include graduate elective courses in QEM and/or IMAE 400-level courses, if not taken as part of the undergraduate curriculum.

 Note: IMAE courses taken for undergraduate credit cannot be applied towards graduate credit hours, unless the student has been accepted into the accelerated master’s program.

Thesis Option

The program in the thesis option requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of acceptable graduate credit and includes 12 semester hours of quality engineering and management core courses, 12 semester hours of approved elective courses, and the completion of a master’s thesis, consisting of 6 semester hours of thesis (QEM 599) credit.

Each student will select a thesis committee which will include the Committee Chair and two additional faculty members, subject to the approval of the Graduate School. The thesis committee will approve the student's thesis topic and approve the completed thesis.