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The School of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering at Southern Illinois University Carbondale prides itself on preparing students for rewarding and productive professional careers in a variety of civil engineering and related fields. With faculty recognized worldwide for their experiences, discoveries, expertise and teaching, our school continues to make contributions to our world through the education and development of professional engineers as well as through research, innovation, discoveries, technologies and methods that improve the practice and profession of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering.

Civil engineers are in demand. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report projects that employment for civil engineers is expected to grow by 11 percent, which is faster than the average growth projected for the overall engineering profession, due to population growth and the related need to improve the nation’s infrastructure. A report published by ranks careers in environmental engineering and civil engineering 5th and 6th, respectively, out of the top 100 careers. In addition, the report projects 31% growth in environmental engineering jobs and 24% growth in civil engineering jobs.

Our student-centered programs are meeting that demand. Civil Engineering at SIU includes outstanding instruction in modern and comfortable classrooms and laboratories, real-world experiences through internships and cooperative programs, student research opportunities, clubs and organization as well as professional development and assistance with career preparation and assistance.