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Environmental Specialization

Bachelor Of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in Environmental Engineering

The School of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering faculty has diverse research and teaching interests in environmental engineering. In addition, other school faculty in soil mechanics and fluid mechanics overlap into the environmental engineering field. There are faculty across campus with interests and courses related to environmental engineering, including the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geology and Plant and Soil Science. Therefore, we also offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Environmental Engineering. Students who want to specialize in Environmental Engineering take all the courses required for our Civil Engineering program and are required to choose technical electives from the following list of courses. For additional information, please refer to the SIUC Undergraduate Catalog.

The Environmental specialization requires selection of technical electives from the following courses:

  • CE 410  Solid Waste Engineering
  • CE 412  Contaminant Flow, Transport and Remediation in Groundwater
  • CE 413  Collection Systems Design
  • CE 419  Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • CE 422  Environmental Geotechnology
  • CE 471  Groundwater Hydrology
  • CE 472  Open Channel Hydraulics
  • CE 473  Hydrologic Analysis and Design
  • ME 416  Air Pollution Control