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ALUMNI | Mechanical Engineering and Energy Process | SIU


During your time with Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, you saw first-hand the program’s benefits.  Relationships are instrumental to our success, and you now have the opportunity to pass onto current students your guidance, suggestion and insights.

Also be sure to keep in touch through the SIU Alumni Association and “Keep in Touch”  for the MEEP. This is where you can catch up on reunions and various other alumni events.

In addition to numerous internships that are available to students in our department, you can help students gain valuable professional experience through the Alumni Association’s Extern Program, which allows students to apply skills they learn in the classroom to a work environment over Spring Break.  The program’s success relies upon SIU alumni and friends.

Please stay in touch with us and feel free to offer suggestions on how we can to continue to provide the best experiential learning opportunities for our students.