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MAME Faculty | Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering | SIU

MAME Faculty

Students will see our Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering faculty recognized on national and international levels, but more importantly, in the classroom.  With lectures that faculty design, deliver and teach, we ensure students are receiving innovative expert instruction in an intimate, small class-setting with opportunities to directly interact and assist on research projects beginning your freshman year.

Whether your interests are with nanotechnology, composites, friction materials, alternative energy sources, coal gasification, fluid mechanics, non-destructive evaluation, acoustics or the many other fields we cover.  Known for their research, grants, scholarships and patents our faculty are some of the finest mentors and teachers, as we strive to know each student to maximize your learning experience.  Our 15 full-time faculty members have an average of more than 12 years of post-doctorate teaching experience. From the Dean’s office to laboratory assistants and staff, we work to make sure nothing gets in the way of accomplishing your goals.