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 Graduate Degree Requirements | MAME| SIU

Degree Requirements

Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering students who are pursuing graduate studies also must conform to SIU Graduate School policy and regulations. The Graduate Catalog and the Graduate School website for detailed descriptions of these regulations and policies.

Among the requirements:

Any student whose grade point average for all completed courses falls below 3.0 on a 4.0-scale is placed on academic probation. All 400-level and 500-level courses after admission to the University’s Graduate School is considered graduate level, and is included in the overall grade point average unless the course is specifically designated “not for graduate credit” or the course is required for a specific bachelor’s degree.

The Graduate School suspends unclassified students if they accumulate six or more hours (or equivalent) of C unbalanced by equivalent hours of A in all courses taken at SIU Carbondale.

A degree student who is on academic probation, has been on academic probation for at least one term, and who has accumulated six or more semester hours (or equivalent) of C unbalanced by equivalent hours of A in graduate courses taken at SIUC, will be suspended from the Graduate School.

Course Credit

Credit toward graduation is not given for courses in which a student earns a grade of D or lower.