SIU Formula SAE team wins the 1st Place | MAME | SIU

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SIU Formula SAE team wins the 1st Place | MAME | SIU

SIU Formula SAE team wins the 1st Place

Congratulation to 2013 SIU Formula SAE team for securing 1st place in cost category during Formula SAE series held in Lincoln, Nebraska. This award is usually given to the team for the effective cost design and fabrication of most efficient car within given technical constraints. SIU team completed every event and placed 34th out of 80 teams overall ahead of several top ranked national and international Engineering schools.

Formula SAE series is an international event where teams from all over the United States from Japan, Brazil, Puerto Rico, India, and Canada competes for several awards. This year SIU team’s goals have been to complete each competition, bring recognition to the school, and further student education. The team would not be able to accomplish these goals without the thousands of hours of work put into the car by the students. There would also not be a car if it wasn’t for our many sponsors.

Team Members: Daniel Grohmann (Captain Pro Tempore) , Brian Watters  (Team Captain), Zack Anslinger, Tyler Budde, Jeffrey Burdick, Andy Conio, Stephano Gabriel, Brian Hanson, Jack Raible, Anthony Ruffalo, Kevin Theophilus, Nick Twombly.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kanchan Mondal.