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Strength of Materials

Welcome to the website supporting the laboratory for your Mechanics of Deformable Bodies class. This topic is also called Strength of Materials or Mechanics of Materials. Mechanics is the branch of physical sciences concerned with the state of rest or motion of bodies subjected to forces. Statics involves the study of rigid bodies. A deformable body is a solid body that changes size and/or shape as a result of loads that are applied to it or as a result of temperature changes. 

The study of deformable bodies involves force equilibrium, material behavior and specimen geometry. We must determine the strength, stiffness, and stability of a body. This laboratory will involve a number of experiments that will help determine the properties of various materials, as well as the response (strength, stiffness, and stability) of different components under various loads. Understanding and applying the topics of Mechanics of Materials requires the integration of physics, statics, mathematics, computer skills, laboratory analyses, and written communication skills. 

The purpose of these laboratory experiments is to introduce you to various aspects of Mechanics of Materials through laboratory analysis. Experiments include tension tests, compression tests, torsion tests, beam bending, and column buckling. In each experiment, you will find material that relates to both the theory and the practical application of the laboratory in the study of mechanics of materials. In addition to material that you typically find in laboratory manuals, such as methods and materials, you will have access to video clips, photographs, and sample data sets further illustrating key concepts of the laboratory. 

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