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Habibollah Fakhraei

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Habibollah Fakhraei
Office Phone: 618-453-7819
Email: h.fakhraei@siu.edu
Building: Engineering B, Room 38

RESEARCH INTERESTS Environmental engineering, environmental modeling, biogeochemistry, aquatic chemistry, water quality modeling, air pollution effects, GIS, geostatistical analysis, hydrology, numerical optimization. CLASSES CE 251 Probability and Statistics CE 301 ...read full profile >>

Ajay Kalra

Associate Professor, Ph.D., P.E.

photo of ajay kalra

Office Phone: 618-453-7008
Email: kalraa@siu.edu
Building: Engineering B, Room 114
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Research Interests: My research interests are interdisciplinary in the area of hydro-climatology, urban sustainability, artificial intelligence, water resources management, drought frequency, and probabilistic forecasting and downscaling. Classes:  ENGR 370- Fluid ...read full profile >>

Prabir Kolay

Director and Professor, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE

Prabir Kolay

Office Phone: 618-453-7843
Email: pkolay@siu.edu
Building: Engineering B, Room 26

Research Interests: Soft and expansive soil stabilization using different chemical stabilizers, Characterization of PFA (Pulverized Fuel Ash) from coal based thermal power plant, Leaching studies, Dry separation of Cenosphere, Thermal & electrical properties of soil, ...read full profile >>

Jia Liu

Associate Professor, Ph.D., P.E.

photo of jia liu

Office Phone: 618-453-7006
Email: jialiu@siu.edu
Building: Engineering B, Room 116


Research Interests: Nanomaterials for water treatment and reuse Impacts of nanomaterials on aquatic and soil ecosystems Phytoremediation of contaminated soil and groundwater Renewable energy production using nanomaterials and bioelectrochemical systems Classes:  CE 301: ...read full profile >>

Vijay Puri

Professor, Ph.D.

Vijay Puri

Office Phone: 618-453-7818
Email: puri@engr.siu.edu
Building: Engineering B, Room 28

Research Interests: Soil dynamics, machine foundations, design of foundations to resist seismic loads, liquefaction of soils, determination of dynamic soil properties, waste disposal, utilization of coal preparation and combustion wastes, clay liners, and soil improvement using ...read full profile >>

Debarshi Sen

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Debarshi Sen
Office Phone: 618-453-7807
Email: debarshi.sen@siu.edu
Building: Engineering B, Room 36

RESEARCH INTERESTS Structural Dynamic systems, infrastructure monitoring and resilience, applications of statistical and machine learning in monitoring, regional fragility assessment, seismic response control. CLASSES CE 442 Structural Steel Design EDUCATION Ph.D.  ...read full profile >>

Sangmin Shin

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Sangmin Shin
Office Phone: 618-453-3325
Email: sangmin.shin@siu.edu 
Building: Engineering B, Room 34

RESEARCH INTERESTS Integrated Water Resources Modeling and Management Critical Interdependent Infrastructure System Modeling and Management Water Cyber-Physical-Social System Artificial Intelligence Urban Sustainability and Resilience Socio-Environmental Hydrology Sustainable ...read full profile >>

Jale Tezcan

Professor, Ph.D., P.E.

Jale Tezcan

Office Phone: 618-453-6125
Email: jale@siu.edu
Building: Engineering B, Room 32

Research Interests: Dr. Tezcan’s research covers a wide-range of topics including ground motion modeling, signal processing, material characterization, machine learning algorithms, data mining and uncertainty estimation. Classes: CE 251 - Introduction to Probability and ...read full profile >>