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The School of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering has several research centers and institutes.  We also belong to various consortia, and we are home to several national and international research organizations.  See our list of Research Support Facilities.

Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center

The Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center (ACERC) assists faculty, students and others in the campus research community in engaging in advanced coal and energy-related research and service opportunities.  Established in 1974 as the Coal Research Center and expanding its focus in 2014 to include the broad array of energy research occurring across campus, ACERC is the hub for access to resources and information regarding advanced coal and energy research for SIU and the regional community.  Research has been conducted ranging from mine reclamation, coal processing, and gasification to energy policy, biofuels and renewables.  Ever at the forefront of efforts for safer, cleaner and more efficient energy, SIU researchers are making discoveries in areas such as carbon dioxide utilization, chemical looping combustion, microalgal fermentation and advanced materials for fuel cells. 

Center for Embedded Systems

The Center for Embedded Systems (CES) is a research collaboration between academia (Arizona State University and Southern Illinois University Carbondale), industry (leading electronics companies throughout the world) and government (the National Science Foundation). Its purpose is to advance in the field of embedded systems in algorithms, applications, and architectures to new levels; thereby, sharing resulting advancements and commercializing applications to advance commerce. The CES specializes in research in the following areas: Power, Energy and Thermal-Aware Design, Electronic System-level (ESL) Design and Technologies, Embedded Multicore Architectures and Programming, Embedded Software Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Integrated Circuit Technologies, Design, and Test.