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Career Opportunities | MAME | SIU

Career Opportunities

At SIU Carbondale, we want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of achieving your goals.  The school's curriculum trains students in a technically sound, challenging, and professional manner, laying the foundation for a productive career in industry or further graduate study and research. There are numerous career opportunities available with a degree in mechanical engineering – which applies knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences to develop ways to economically use materials and nature’s forces to benefit humanity.

Key points on what mechanical engineers do include:

  • Mechanical engineers are concerned with the principles of force, energy and motion.
  • Mechanical engineers are professionals with expert knowledge of the design and manufacture of mechanical systems, thermal devices and processes.
  • Products and processes developed by mechanical engineers include engines and control systems for automobiles and aircraft, electric power generation plants, lifesaving medical devices and consumer products ranging from air conditioners to personal computers and athletic equipment.  We also design the machines that mass-produce these products.
  • Mechanical engineering touches almost every aspect of your life.
  • If something moves or uses energy, a mechanical engineer was probably involved in its design or production.