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MAME Resources

Course resources

Visit the Desire to Learn site to find syllabi, documents, and assignments on the courses you are enrolled in.


All newly hired and rehired MAME employees will receive their pay through direct deposit to an account with their financial institution. For employees subject to this policy, electronic direct deposit is the payment mechanism for all employee payroll and travel and business expense reimbursement. Travel and business expense reimbursements will be deposited to the same account designated for payroll direct deposit. To have your pay electronically deposited to a checking or savings account, please complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Faculty and Graduate Assistants are paid monthly -- the first day of the month or the business day prior if the first day of the month falls on a weekend day or holiday. Student workers are paid biweekly. Civil Service staff receive paychecks biweekly or semi-monthly, depending on their job type. Paper pay slips are no longer provided. The website to check your pay slip is

Computer Support

If you need assistance with the program computer resources, please complete a support ticket. If you need assistance with College of Engineering computers or printers, please contact the ECSC Engineering Computer Support Center. For problems with program printers, make a support ticket. To refill printer paper or ink, for a non-COE printer, please visit the secretaries in MAME office or call them at 618/453-7015.

The Writing Center

Located in Morris Library Room 236 and the lower level of Trueblood Residence Hall, the Writing Center is available to all SIU students who would like assistance with any aspect of their writing.  The Writing Center’s aim is to help students improve their writing skills and become more effective editors. Students will gain the most from working with the Center's tutors if they come ready to be involved in working on their writing. For more information, visit the Writing Center website.

Building Use Permits

After-hours building permits are available to any ME student with a current student ID. These cards are filled out by request in the MAME program office and authorized by the Administrator. The permit will work only in conjunction with a student ID. If you are in the building after normal hours and do not have a pass, you will be asked to leave by the SIU Department of Public Safety.


Mechanical Engineering keys are given out to faculty, staff, graduate students, and some undergraduate students. Those needing keys should fill out the key request form available in the MAME program office, print it out and give it to their adviser, supervisor or professor for signature. Turn in completed forms to Tammy Hopkins in the MAME program office. Depending on time schedules, keys generally are ready within a week.  Keys may not be transferred to another person, and any keys being used by unauthorized users will be confiscated. See Building Permits for more information on after-hours building access.

Shipping and Receiving

Because most orders need to be checked, all packages are taken to the MAME program office (E-27) for processing. We need the information to insure we only pay for what we have received.  You will be notified by email when the package arrives in the program office.  A response is required if there are questions that need answered for inventory purposes.  Packages are put under or above the mailboxes in the program office and will have your name on them.  Packages too large for mailboxes or the assigned area will remain on the counter.  Your quick response in retrieving your packages is appreciated.

 Copy and Fax Machine

The use of the Xerox machine (located in MAME programoffice) and Fax machine are limited to faculty, staff and teaching assistants only. Public use machines are located in the Engineering Library.


Contact Ms. Tammy Hopkins in the MAME program office (E27) about UW travel policies before making any arrangements for travel. If UW travel policies are not complied with, it is difficult to get travel expenses properly reimbursed.

Design and Fabrication Machine Shop

ECTM Design and Fabrication Machine Shop provides engineering students with a well-equipped, safe working environment in which those students can design and manufacture their projects for engineering classes, research, and RSO competition through on-site technical guidance.

The shop provides technical guidance as well as machine operation instruction for the purpose of providing hands on experience which seeks to balance and compliment the strong theoretical education here at SIU. It also supports many engineering team competitions including: NASA Moonbuggy, Formula SAE, and Baja SAE.

The machine shop is located in room B53 of the engineering building and is available for the students' use when the shop supervisor is present. Students must have prior machine shop experience in order to operate the equipment in the machine shop. Please contact Tim Attig if you need any further information.

The Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE)

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam, also referred to as the Engineer in Training (EIT) exam, and formerly as the Engineering Intern (EI) exam, is the first of two examinations that Engineers must pass in order to be licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE)  in the United States. The exam is open to anyone with a degree in Engineering or a related field, or currently enrolled in their last year of an ABET-accredited Engineering degree program. This test is administered twice a year, once in April and October. It is recommended to take the FE exam during or soon after graduation. The FE exam is 8 hours long. There is a morning session that covers topics that are covered in engineering undergraduate courses. These include topics such as:

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Probability and Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Computers
  • Ethics and Business Practices
  • Engineering Economics
  • Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics)
  • Strength of Materials
  • Material Properties
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Thermodynamics
  • Biology

During the afternoon session, examinees choose one of seven tests:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Other Disciplines