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Director: Dr.Mohammad Sayeh

Photonics 2

Location: Engr E-211, E-214
Phone: (618) 453-7022
Dir: Dr. Mohammad Sayeh

Photonics Laboratories provide students in undergraduate and graduate levels with the fundamentals of Photonics needed to be engaged in an experimental research. Photonics I (ECE 441) and Photonics II (ECE 448) experiments are: Intensity modulation using polarizers and wave retarders, Measurement of Gaussian beam complex curvature, Construction of a Michelson's interferometer to be used for displacement and wavelength measurement, Handling fibers and determination of numerical aperture, Assembling and testing of a fiber-optic datalink, Laser light modulation using an electro-optic device, and Optical filtering using Fourier optics. In addition to these experiments, the Photonics research focuses on the terahertz optical A/D convertors and the photorefractive-based resonators.

Research Areas

  • Neural Networks
  • Image Transmission Through Optical Fiber
  • 3D Optical Storage
  • Photonic Delta Sigma Modulatiors

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