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Surgical Imaging

Director: Dr. Steven Blair

Surgical Imaging Lab

Location: Engr E-211, E-214
Phone: (618) 453-7022
Dir: Dr. Steven Blair

The Surgical Imaging Lab, formally known as The Blair Lab, seeks to prolong the survival and improve the quality-of-life of cancer patients undergoing surgery through the development of imaging systems and image processing routines that can readily detect cancerous tissue during the surgical process. Its research integrates findings from across the fields of optics, circuits, signal processing, machine learning, and computer vision.

Open Positions

Dr. Blair is currently seeking out undergraduate students and graduate students who want to make a difference through research at the intersection of electrical engineering, computer engineering, and biomedical engineering. If interested, please reach out to Dr. Blair at with a copy of your curriculum vitae and a brief description of your interests.