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Scholarship and Work Opportunities | MAME | SIU

Scholarship and Work Opportunities

Scholarship and financial assistance opportunities await!

There are many ways Southern Illinois University Carbondale and the College of Engineering helps you in achieving your academic and career goals.  And we will work hard to assist you in making sure financial resources do not hamper your pursuits.  Whether you are a new incoming freshman, transfer, or current student,

The University’s Financial Aid Office has scholarship, grant, loan and student employment information that can help set you on your path.  In addition, the College of Engineering offers several scholarships, in addition to available scholarships through various companies.

Some quick facts on scholarships:

  • SIU awards more than 8 million dollars in scholarships to undergraduate students each year.
  • More than 1.7 million dollars is awarded to new students each year.
  • More than 350 incoming students are awarded scholarships each year through Southern Illinois University’s Academic Scholarship Office.

Scholarship eligibility is dependent on admissions to SIU, so apply now to get started.

The University also has a student employment program that provides a variety of jobs that are available throughout campus and administered through Financial Aid. Students are paid on an hourly basis, usually at the University’s minimum-wage rate, and will work 10 to 20 hours per week.  Pay is for the actual hours worked, and benefits do not accrue with this type of employment.  For more information, please visit the SIU Student Jobs webpage.