Leadership Library

In the LDP we are always trying to find ways to practice leadership. We believe that leadership has to be hands on. And to ignite that passion on you we decide to show you some of the things we learned and that you can use to start your leadership journey.

Our students go through three different phases in the program, we call them Self-leadership, Team ship and Leadership. In each phase they develop different types of competencies.

Self-leadership is the ability to lead yourself. How to keep yourself motivate, have a professional behavior, know how to set goals and to find the best version of yourself.

Team ship is related to your behavior on a team. How to you give and receive feedback, how you handle conflict and how you uphold the team’s values

Finally, leadership is a combination of all those things except that you become a catalyst of that, helping others to become their better version, facilitating brainstorm, and serving as a coach or mentor to your peers.

In this library you will find content to help you start on the three phases.