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College of Engineering Honesty & Integrity Pledge

As a student in the College of Engineering at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, I am creating the foundation for my future as an engineer.  As such, I must pursue knowledge justly, fairly and honestly.  The ethical standards I follow as a student will prepare me to serve all people with honesty and integrity as an engineer.

I pledge the highest level of ethical principles in support of academic excellence.  I will ensure that all of my work reflects my own abilities and not those of someone else.  I will not cheat on exams or any other class work, falsify data, or plagiarize.  I will never copy the work of others or give others the opportunity to copy mine.  I will contribute a fair share of work to all teamwork in which I participate, and will acknowledge the contributions of others.  I will accept responsibility for the integrity of all work I submit in every course.

I will treat all persons with respect, courtesy, and dignity.

The honesty and integrity I demonstrate as a student in the College of Engineering is the foundation of my professional reputation.