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Consortium for Embedded Systems | College of Engineering | SIU

Consortium for Embedded Systems

The College of Engineering, Computing, Technology, and Mathematics is home to the Consortium for Embedded Systems (CES). Established through support by the National Science Foundation (NSF), CES is a globally recognized center for embedded computing system technologies. The center is based on collaborative research through Industry/University partnerships.

The fundamental goals of CES are:

  • To conduct industry relevant, multi-disciplinary research toward the design of embedded systems
  • To develop clear and well-defined mechanisms to transfer research results to industry
  • To provide the nation with a cadre of scientists and engineers whose knowledge base and practical training covers a broad range of topics in embedded systems technology
  • To study the cross-disciplinary nature of embedded systems research that transcends the traditional Computer Science and Electrical Engineering boundaries

To date, the partnership includes SIU Carbondale, Arizona State University, Caterpillar, DICKEY-john Corporation, Toyota, EMAC, NAVSEA, Intel, Wildlife Materials, Raytheon, Qualcomm and Marvell.