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Consortium for Embedded Systems | College of Engineering | SIU

Consortium for Embedded Systems

The College of Engineering is home to the Consortium for Embedded Systems (CES). Established through support by the National Science Foundation (NSF), CES is a globally recognized center for embedded computing system technologies. The center is based on collaborative research through Industry/University partnerships.

The fundamental goals of CES are:

  • To conduct industry relevant, multi-disciplinary research toward the design of embedded systems
  • To develop clear and well-defined mechanisms to transfer research results to industry
  • To provide the nation with a cadre of scientists and engineers whose knowledge base and practical training covers a broad range of topics in embedded systems technology
  • To study the cross-disciplinary nature of embedded systems research that transcends the traditional Computer Science and Electrical Engineering boundaries

To date, the partnership includes SIU Carbondale, Arizona State University, Caterpillar, DICKEY-john Corporation, Toyota, EMAC, NAVSEA, Intel, Wildlife Materials, Raytheon, Qualcomm and Marvell.