The leadership phase evolves the leader knowing how to lead himself, how to work on a team, but also how to lead others. There are many books and theories about it out there, but in the LDP we learn and practice using two different curriculums. One is the Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner and the other ones is the Collegiate Leadership Competition.

Five Exemplary Practices

You will find the five practices bellow and the ten commitments (two per practice) above. This is a very good guideline if you are a new or an experient leader. Leadership is about practicing. Take a look at each one of them and find ways to apply on your days.

Model the Way

Model the way is about being an example for people. Leaders need to know their values and be constantly communicating it to their team.

Inspiring a shared vision

Inspiring a shared vision is about finding the common goal that we will be all working towards. It’s about getting to know the individual goals and facilitate the understanding of how their goals met with the organization’s goals.


Challenge the process

Challenge the process is about going beyond expectations and challenging the way things are made. It’s up to the leader to push for excellence and do what nobody else think it’s possible.

Enable others to act

Enabling others to act means to give a voice to the people in your team. How well you work together and build the relationships inside your team. It is about trust and delegation.


Encourage the heart

This is probably the practice that most people overlook. Encourage the heart is about recognizing the special contributions from your team. Make it special and help them feel important for the work well done.

Other Resources

The Collegiate Leadership Competition

Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC), a nonprofit college leadership program founded in 2015, creates a dynamic practice field where student leaders can apply what they’re learning in a context that stretches them to the boundaries of their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. CLC makes leadership a real, tangible experience for future leaders.

The curriculum involves a lot of practices and acronyms that helps you to learn and remember many important concepts of leadership. The SIU team is the only college that has two teams on the top 15 colleges of the competition.