Team-ship is related to your ability to work in a team and all the interactions you have with people. Is not about being on the leader’s position, but on the follower position. It’s about understanding your team, delegating, communicating effectively and eventually, handling conflict.

Alex Manuel – Effective communication

Alex talks about the importance of effective communication and how to use it on a team setting. He starts with talking about listening and being clear about your expectations with the other person.

Diogo Seixas – How to handle conflict

Conflict will happen at anywhere and at any point. It is important to remember that it’s not about winning or losing, but it’s about maintaining the relationships healthy.


Simon Sinek – Start with Why

Simon Sinek talks about how great leaders inspire action. He guides us through the famous Golden Circle and how companies and leaders are using this tool today.

Anwar Haj – Project planning

Project planning has three dimensions: setting roles, delegating tasks and requiring deadlines. Anwar gives examples of how those are applied.


Other Sources

Microsoft Teams or Slack

Those are two online platforms for team communication that can be useful specially in our more global environment. The platforms have many plugins that can enhance your experience based on your team’s need.


This is a project management tool that can help you to organize your projects. It’s friendly user, dynamic and it can organize your project in a very visual way.