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Keith Klukis


Keith was born at Vandalia Illinois and attended Vandalia Community Schools, graduating from Vandalia Community High School. Keith was enrolled at the University of Illinois and Greenville College before enrolling at Southern Illinois University (SIU). He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Science from Southern Illinois University in June of 1965 and his Master of Science Degree in Engineering from Southern Illinois University in June of 1967.

While at SIU he held Graduate Assistant, Assistant Instructor and Instructor positions in the areas of Electrical Engineering and Computers. During the summer semesters he was an Instructor for the National Science Foundation Summer Science Training Program in Engineering Science. While at SIU he did research involving reaction kinetics, biosynthesis and cardiovascular system modeling (Master’s Thesis).

In the fall of 1967 Keith joined McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company (MDAC) in Huntington Beach, California as an Engineer Scientist. At MDAC Keith was responsible for developing models and computer simulations for the Saturn missile and Santa Paula water basin. While at MDAC he designed the computer architecture and interface for a major integrated computer/laboratory facility (On-Line Subsystem Facility).

In 1969 Keith joined the Martin Marietta Aerospace Company in Orlando Florida (now Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control) as a Senior Engineer where he was responsible for the development of models and computer simulations of missile, electronic, communication and biomedical systems. In 1974 Keith was promoted to Staff Engineer and in 1976 to Senior Staff Engineer. As a Senior Staff Engineer he was given the responsibility of supervising all simulations and hardware activities for The Technical Computation Center. In 1991 Keith was promoted to Manager of The Scientific Computation Center (SCOC). In this position he had responsibility of providing and supporting all engineering computer resources for the Missiles, Electronics and Information Systems Group in Orlando Florida. In this capacity he directed the work of engineers and technical personnel supporting a large computer complex that included a state of the art Advanced Guidance Simulation Laboratory for advanced sensor development. In 1998 Keith was promoted to Senior Manager in charge of all Technical Computing Operations for the Missile and Fire Control Division in Orlando.

Keith has presented and published papers in the Communication, Computer and Biomedical fields that demonstrate the use of math modeling and real-time continuous system simulation in the design and analysis process. He has been active in simulation conferences by serving as session chair, group chair and program chair.

Keith retired from Lockheed Martin in 2009 after 40 years of service.