Alumni Achievement Award 2008 Necip Sayiner '88 | Engineering | SIU

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Necip Sayiner

Biography at time of award:

2008 – Necip Sayiner (1988, M.S. Electrical Engineering) is president and CEO of Silicon Laboratories in Austin, Texas. Dr. Sayiner earned his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from SIUC in 1988. He joined Silicon Laboratories in his current position in September 2005. Prior to that, Dr. Sayiner was vice president and general manager of the enterprise and networking IC division, and held several senior design management roles in the storage division. He also previously worked in research and development within Bell Laboratories. He is a senior member of the non-profit Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Dr. Sayiner holds several patents related to data detection schemes. He earned his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and physics from Bosphorus University in Turkey, and a doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Sayiner resides in Texas.