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Thomas J. Murray

Biography at time of award:

2012 – Thomas J. Murray (1967, B.S. Electrical Engineering) retired as an executive at Sargent & Lundy (1967-2007), a global consultant to the electric utility industry, as a member of their Corporate Executive Team, member of the Board of Directors, and an owner from 1993 to 2007. In his position, Mr. Murray was responsible for strategic planning, risk management, policy development, financial planning and annual budgeting, and broad corporate issues, including succession planning. He also served as Managing Director of the Power Delivery Services Group (PDS), one of three principal profit-loss centers of the company. Mr. Murray has extensive experience in all phases of project management, design, engineering and construction of substations and transmission lines. His experience includes domestic projects and international projects in many countries, where he traveled extensively worldwide. Mr. Murray has authored many technical publications. Tom is a member of the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers, the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, and the University Club of Chicago. Mr. Murray was past Chairman of the Board of the Special Olympics of Illinois and is currently Chair of the Nominating Committee. Mr. Murray resides in Lisle, Illinois.

 Alumni Achievement Award 2012 Thomas J. Murray '67